(pdf) How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle

The fully illustrated definitive guide to publishing your book on CreateSpace and Kindle with Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, & 2013.

Yes, this is another book on self-publishing your book, but it's a book with a difference, a major difference...

You see, it's written by an author with 20-years of experience with MS Word, who designs Word templates professionally, who understands the ins-and-outs and the pitfalls, and, more importantly, who knows not only what you should do with Word, but also what you shouldn't.

Believe it or not, Word is not geared for creating books.

Try it...

See how many book templates you can find among the flyers, menus, resumes, student reports, events, etc., in Word's template library.

Find any?

Thought not.

Sure, you can do it yourself, many do - very successfully; but, Word's underlying structure is the same now as it was back in the 1990's when Russ started using it professionally.

Unfortunately for the beginner or the uninitiated, Word will throw up obstacles and barriers to foil and frustrate you (at some point); and, you won't find it particularly easy, primarily because of Word's design (long before the self-publishing industry began.)

And there is a learning curve with Word - you're probably aware of this though?

So, maybe you've already experienced intense Word frustrations? Maybe you've had hours, days or even weeks of work thrown away - because of Word. The author, Russ, did in his early days. He struggled for years at first (it was pre-Internet days).

No longer though.

However, if the only barrier to you successfully self-publishing your book is the software you're using, then there's something drastically wrong, isn't there?

But, how do you learn to do 'all of this' correctly (and professionally), and in a non-biblical timescale?

You take the best advice from a proven professional.

That way, you're guaranteed a fast-track to self-publishing success...

What's Inside...

This 174-page book fully-illustrated book guides you step-by-step through every part of creating, writing, formatting, and publishing your book, leaving nothing to chance.

It's packed with easy-to-follow, fully actionable information, including:

  • How to setup Word to work FOR you BEFORE you start - Word 'out-of-the-box isn't the best setup for working.
  • How to setup your book for CreateSpace - CreateSpace and Kindle have different requirements, the process is different, so you need to understand this.
  • Why getting it right from the outset makes a major difference - this will save you time, frustration, & heartache!
  • Those essential parts of MS Word that you must know or you'll end up going around in circles/
  • The pitfalls to avoid (or why so many fail with Word) - if you’ve used Word before, you've probably already experienced this (there are loads)
  • How to work effectively within Word - navigating, moving things about, shortcuts, and so much more, great time-savers
  • How to publish to CreateSpace and KDP - step-by-step so it's impossible to go wrong.
  • Why you SHOULD NOT use CreateSpace’s facility to send your books to Kindle - it is a no-no, find out why.
  • How to quickly reformat your CreateSpace book for Kindle publishing - it IS easy, if you know how...

So, why waste your own valuable time?

If you use Microsoft Word and have struggled, then you need rock-solid, detailed, easy-to-follow steps to ensure your success.

...and it's staring you in the face...

...reach forward and take in both hands...

...grasp it firmly ...


Get this book and begin your success NOW!

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