(ebook pdf) How to Read Thai

Eight (8) simple rules stand between you and being able to read Thai!

In a language where there are no spaces between words, many have asked us, where do you start, how can you start?

The answer to this, and all your questions are in our new book in our Quest – Quick, Easy, Simple Thai system - How to Read Thai


You can imagine that not being able to identify words is probably the biggest problem faced by new readers; and, it has to be said, is the single reason why a book of this nature has never been written before.

Why? Because no-one has looked at the language in the same way we have. But, all you need to know are 2 things:

  1. The Thai alphabet
  2. 8 quick, easy, simple rules.

On that note, this book does NOT teach you the Thai alphabet. If you don’t know the Thai alphabet yet, then we would recommend either Quest volume II; or, if you prefer interactive learning with sounds, quizzes, tests, native speakers, etc., then perhaps our PC/Mac/iPad app The Learn Thai Alphabet Application - only available from www.learnthaialphabet.com – would be better.

Using these means you’ve already learnt our system and are familiar with exactly why we succeed.

As others have said:

“Well, I agree that your app and those posts* are like a speed-of-light catalyst in terms of teaching one the Thai script and reading it within literally two days (in my experience) which I find extraordinary.” Emiliusz Smorczewski, Illinois, USA, 9th July 2013

“…My fears of the Thai language were overtaking me until I used this program. …I have tried numerous other products and they made no sense what so ever! … I am amazed at my progress with a language I NEVER thought I could learn! The Thai language is very intimidating and this program has taken the fear away!” Sandy Ching, Cotacachi, Ecuador, 9th September 2013

So, if you can learn, or already know the Thai alphabet, you’ve already achieved the first step; however, the next question is can you learn 8 simple rules? Well, to gauge their difficulty, here are the first 2:

  1. Every syllable starts with a consonant
  2. A written vowel is always associated with a consonant.

2 down, 6 to go.

Next, you just follow us, step-by-step as we guide you, explain, and show you exactly how we do it; and, by the end of the book, you will be able to read Thai.

Our system is so simple, even an adult can do it (and we do mean this, children learn so much easier than adults).

Thai script has been considered by many to be so complicated and difficult for foreigners to learn. This, in some way, explains why a book like this has never been written before; but, as with anything, simple is best:

“…These resources are making the learning of Thai finally a reality after numerous false starts. …the simplicity of the system breaks down the psychological barriers to attacking the idea of reading/writing Thai.” Brock Estes, Richmond, VA, 15th September 2013

So, if you’ve previously baulked or failed at reading Thai script, then we’ve removed all obstacles in your way. The pathway to your Quest lies open before you!

HTRT is the fourth volume in Quest – Quick, Easy, Simple Thai.

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* This book was compiled from ‘posts’ we wrote for our Learn Thai Alphabet app Members’ Area and which then became this book.

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** Full testimonials are available at www.learnthaialphabet.com

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  1. Quest - Volume I is Learning Thai Your Great Adventure
  2. Quest - Volume II is Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure
  3. Quest - Volume III is The Perfect Thai Phrasebook
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