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The best, fastest and most fun way to learn Thai

Quest: QUick, Easy, Simple Thai is the gateway to your future.

You wouldn't start building a wall if you didn't have a plan, or some kind of system, so why would you even start to learn a language without one?

Yet many do.

And most fail.

Why? Because they don't have any guidance, or direction; but, Quest gives you this.


Our system takes 20 minutes to learn (if that) – no more. We use a single system across all our material. One system – speed and efficiency
- Extensive use of colour – a picture is far easier to remember than text (it’s the way our brains work) and you can see and follow instantly
- Step-by-step – it is impossible for you to get lost or confused with our guidance
- No prior knowledge necessary – our system is designed for absolute beginners
- End-to-end – we don’t ever leave you dangling and wondering what to do next, just follow along
- Flexibility – you have total freedom to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. - Remember, it’s all meant to be fun, not stressful and deadlines!
- No jargon – say goodbye to confusion as we use plain, simple English throughout.
- Essential vocabulary – so you can get started and build confidence right away
- Support – we’re always only an email away.

As one of our customers, Brock, said: "But the simplicity of the system breaks down the psychological barriers to attacking the idea of reading/writing Thai … If you are serious about learning Thai, you will not regret any of the time you spend early on with this material…”

Quest consists of 4 books:

1) Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure
2) Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure
3) The Perfect Thai Phrasebook
4) How to Read Thai

We also have 2 companion web and iPad-based applications: the Learn Thai Alphabet application, and 2) The Learn Thai Numbers application, both of which can take your learning to a whole new level. Check these out at

“…your method really appeals to me and is FUN as well as clear. Thanks so much for all your hard work – I hope it all pays off for you and Duangta!”
Uda G, Chippenham, UK, 8th July 2013

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