(pdf ebook) Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure

Ever wanted to learn the Thai language?

Before we go any further, I have to admit the thought of learning the unfamiliar script, 44 consonants, 32 vowels, tone marks, tone rules, consonant classes plus the time factor certainly didn’t rock my boat but, think how much more you’ll get out of your vacation or your trip if you did know them: turn something great into something memorable, forever.

I was in the same situation as you are.

I struggled to learn page after page of text, table upon table of rules, so difficult and so, so boring. I needed something else. I came up with the idea for Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure. MATYGA will have you learning the consonant sounds, the shapes, the classes, the vowel sounds, the tone marks, the tone rules within a few hours and definitely within a day.

You’re probably wondering how we can do this?

First of all, how does the brain work? I would like you to think of a table of text from a book you’ve recently read; or perhaps a page from a book or a magazine. Do you see text in a table, or do you see a picture of a table with text? Believe it or not, you see the picture of the object you’re trying to recall. This is how the human brain works – in pictures. Think of your last birthday, or Christmas, you remember scenes, or a sequence of them: all pictures.

So, the best way to learn something has to be in a way that our brains can easily remember them – in pictures. Surely if your brain remembers in pictures, it makes it easier to learn if you put a picture in?

This is Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure - the Thai alphabet in pictures.

First of all, we use simple, cool, easy to remember pictures that encapsulates all the required information you need to learn the Thai alphabet. We have pictures for:

  • Consonants - their sounds, shapes and consonant classes
  • Vowels – their sounds and their shapes (and where they’re written) (* see below)
  • Tone marks
  • Tone calculations (or tone rules)

Learning the Thai alphabet is now simple, clear, effective and fast - very fast!

No more boring page after page of text, no more remembering row after row of tables. See the alphabet shape, you straight-away think of the picture. You see the picture, you now know the sound(s), the shape and, if it’s a consonant, the class it belongs to.

Your brain remembers pictures…Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure, the Thai alphabet, in pictures.


* Following an observation from one of our reviews we must feel it only fair to warn you that we only include 28 flashcards for the 32 vowels in this version. The remaining 4 vowels, though covered in Appendix D, don't have flashcards. The main reason for this is these vowels are so rare in Thai, that if you can learn their respective long vowel equivalent sounds, then you just shorten this vowel - the sound is exactly the same, it's the duration [of the vowel] that is different. We will update the book accordingly in the next version.

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